Our Story


Hi! We’re Chris and Ruth.

We created Stoke with a vision to change the face of barbeque forever.

With Singapore BBQ culture booming, we saw a need to provide our customers with the quality and unique flavours
they’ve come to expect from the vibrant Singapore fine-dining scene. With passports in hand and a passion for organic
and sustainable produce, we set off on a global adventure. Spanning the continents, we travelled the world, meeting
people who share our philosophy of ethical farming. On our travels, we built an honest network of passionate individuals
who love what they do, just as much as us.

Creating a range of premium produce to share with our customers, we achieved our goal of bringing gourmet to the grill.
From our online shop, we offer a journey of tastes and rare flavours to
every home in Singapore.
With premium cuts, simply add a pinch of salt, a few friends and stoke up your BBQ.

We hope you enjoy and remember to share your BBQ Stories with us through #StokeSGBBQ